Running To Lose Belly Fat | Running to Burn Belly Fat and Get Flat Abs

HERE! The Link: One of the best cardio workouts to burn stomach fat (and also my favorite cardio of all) is running. I admit that I\’m prejudiced. I love running. I love it with all my heart. It was the main method by which I lost weight and became lean and it has remained a favorite workout of mine since then. . . But what makes running so effective?. . The key is intensiveness. Running is one of the most intensive cardio workouts there is. It not only works your legs but practically every muscle group in your body. Nothing stays still while you run. All of your muscle groups are in motion. Every body part is contributing to the effort. This increases the rate in which running helps to burn fat. It\’s not sedantary like using a gym bicycle, or just works your legs like an elliptical machine. Running does it all. Running to tone abs What most people don\’t realize is that running is actually an abs exercise in disguise. I\’ll prove it to you: go out an run for a while. Then, place your hand firmly on your stomach while you run. You will feel the abs muscles contracting like crazy. This is because the abs are working while you run. You may not feel them, but they\’re getting a steady and continuous workout. So, running doesn\’t just burn belly fat, it also tones the abs because it helps to strengthen the abs muscles. . . Running on a treadmill or outside. . Running outdoors is usually harder than running on a treadmill. However, if you live in a

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